ICC World Test Championship Point Table: At what place did the Indian team

हिंदी में पढ़ें | In the ICC World Test Championship point table, the Indian team is in first place with 520 points, while the New Zealand team is in second place with 420 points. The final match of the ICC World Test Championship between India vs New Zealand will be played in England on 18 June. Also Read: IPL 2021 Wicket keepers of All Teams: Which team has the best wicketkeeper In this tournament for 2 years, many matches have been canceled due to Kovid. But this did not have much effect on the final of the tournament. So let’s have a look at the point table of this tournament-

ICC World Test Championship Point Table:

Sno.TeamsSeries PlaySeries WinMatchWinLossTieDrawNRPointsRun per Wicket Ratio
2New Zealand5311740004201.281
6West Indies5111360202000.677
7South Africa4111380001440.693
8Sri Lanka6112260402000.729

When and which two teams will play the final of the World Test Championship?

Indian team is at the top in ICC World Test Championship Point Table The final match of the ICC World Test Championship will be played between the top-2 teams on the points table. Almost all the series of the World Test Championship have been played, while some have been canceled due to Corona. India, England, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka played 6–6 series in this journey, New Zealand and West Indies played 5–5, and Australia South Africa, and Bangladesh played 4–4 series. In the latest point table of the ICC World Test Championship, India is on top with 520 points and New Zealand is in second place with 420 points. In such a situation, these two teams will be played on 18 June 2021. Also Read: Most Wickets in World Test Championship: Ashwin Ranked in top-3, see full list

Meaning of point table in ICC World Test Championship?

In the World Test Championship, a bilateral series is organized between all the teams. And each series played during this interval of 2 years is divided into 120 points. If there are only 2 matches in a series, then 60-60 points are given for each match. Full points are awarded to the team winning the match and 0 points to the losing team. At the same time, points of a match with no draw or result are equally distributed to both teams. Also Read: ICC Worlds Test Championship Most run: 2 Indians hitter is ranked in Top-10

Need for ICC World Test Championship?

In a 5-day Test match, players have to play with patience and the result is also not sure. Many times matches are drawn after 5 days. This is the reason that the popularity of Tests has decreased compared to ODI and T20 in the last few years. To make Test cricket more interesting, the ICC considered having an event like World Cup a few years ago, and then the World Test Championship was organized. It started with the Ashes series started on 1 August 2019. Now on June 18, the final match between the top-2 teams will be played. Also Read: IPL 2021 Live broadcast Cricket News Hindi: Get all types of cricket news, IPL live scorecard on CricTrace.